Strategy Share: How to Make Simple Videos to Transport Your Students and Transform Their Learning

Check out these 5 really doable tips for making great videos for your class. Sure, Ben Graves takes you on slightly budget-busting adventures in his short and engaging videos, but the lessons he teaches along the way are great for students and teachers alike. Step up your video game with a few simple techniques. And check out some of his videos. They are masterful.

Read about 1) using your phone, 2) shorter is better, 3) try a “one-take wonder”, 4) try asking more questions, and 5) incorporate “B=roll”.

National Geographic Education Blog

Our Strategy Share series features innovative ideas, projects, and approaches from our community of educators. This post was written byBen Gravesafter his expedition toGreenland and the Canadian High Arcticas a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Education.

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Ben Graves on hisexpedition toGreenland and the Canadian High Arctic. Photo by Sarah Appleton

A lot of us are using digital video to connect with our students during this difficult new reality of distance learning in which we are awkwardly navigating. I am finding that video has become a primary mode of teaching for so many of us right now, either through real-time lessons in Zoom or sharing content students can watch anytime on YouTube. We are all experimenting with new technologies and routines and, like me, you may be struggling to determine the best way to stay connected and keep students engaged with these tools. I…

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