This website is great for teachers looking to get their students to read more and gather some data along the way. provides short readings and comprehension quizzes that adapt to the level of the reader. Score well on a reading and the next one will be slightly more difficult. Score poorly and the difficulty will be reduced.

Example of a passage and the quiz.

One of‘s strengths is that is is very simple to use. You simply register your students and set them off. The first time they log in they take a placement test. From there on the readings adapt to the students level based on their performance. Teachers are provided with the number of quizzes a student has taken, their grade level performance, the average Lexile level of their readings, and “Knowledge Points” which are awarded with correct answers on quizzes.

The site is missing a variety of features that other performance tracking sites for teachers have, but it is efficient and easy to use for what it does. Some busy teachers may find its trimmed-down layout to be refreshing and non-threatening. Give it a try today and let me know how it worked out for you.

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