Road Trip Lesson Plan

Here is a lesson plan I prepared for a mixed ESL class of 7s, 8s, and 9s. It was completed using Google Classroom, for the most part. I had ESL in mind when I created it but I think it could be easily adapted to fit Language Arts, Social Studies, and even Math outcomes.

There are 5 documents:

The Assignment Instructions lay out what is expected of the student. It describes the 4 parts of the assignment and has a rubric for how the assignment will be graded.

The Planning Document is the first part of the assignment where the student lays out what their road trip will entail. This is like the brainstorming phase and the skeleton of the trip.

The Budget Document is where the students calculate all the costs of the trip. This can be as detailed or as broad as you like to go. They can calculate the cost of gas to the kilometer and leave a margin for error or just add up the cost of all the supplies.

The Supplies Document is where students list their supplies for the trip. They have to include a short rationale for each item that they choose to bring. Again, this can be more or less detailed depending on the level of the student.

Finally, the Presentation Rubric details the expectations and outcomes for presenting your road trip to the class. Since I created it for an English as a Second Language class, the rubric categories are Understanding of Audience, Body Language, Pronunciation, Content, Visual Props, Fluency, Grammar and Structure, Linking Language, and Interaction with Audience. You can adjust it to fit with the outcomes that you wish to assess.

One cool thing about Google Classroom is that you can make a copy for each student and then edit or suggest for each student in real time. Then they can submit their finished work and you can grade it all in one place. Google Classroom deserves a post all to itself, but there are plenty of posts out there that give it a better treatment than I ever would.

However, one thing that is less easy to find is prepared lessons or assignments for Google Classroom. So, please use the assignment I have prepared and let me know how it went. I would appreciate the feedback. I have included the files below in PDF and MS Word format, beginning with the assignment combined.

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  1. Thank you. This looks Awesome. Am going to try with my freshmen in a brand new class called Social Science Seminar.

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