ESL or ELA Lesson Plan

Today I am posting a lesson plan that I created a while back using a TED talk on machine learning as a jumping off point. The great thing about using TED Talks to start class discussions is that there are transcripts of most talks and translations into many languages. I work with many students whose first language is into English and these transcripts are the gateway that give them access to class discussions and activities. For the supplementary document I have used Korean as the second language, but there are 44 languages to choose from.


As noted in the introduction to the lesson plan, students will create some of the study material, such as word lists and questions. It also utilizes many online tools for surveys, flashcards, and reflections. I have included some suggestions for adjustments if there is limited or no access to a device or the internet.

Here is the Lesson Plan and here is the Supplemental Material. I would love it if you used this lesson and provided me some feedback on how it went or any other thoughts you had.

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