Books for Kindergarten

This blog focuses on the K-6 age group because that is where I have the most experience. A relatively new experience for me is being a father. So today’s post will be about some great books I have found in my hunt for reading material for my daughter.


There is a series of books called TouchThinkLearn by Xavier Deneux. I have Wild Animals, Little Creatures, and an amazing abecedarium called, I guess, ABC. The back covers suggest ages 2-4 but I think the combination of stunning visuals and challenging word clusters make them great for all ages. I bought them because I wanted to look at them and my 9 month old loves running her fingers across the textured pages and staring at the high contrast designs.

Bees: hive, honey, honeycomb, hexagon, stripes, stinger, walls, pollen, buzzing, humming, flying, swarming.
Giraffe: neck, splotches, muzzle, legs, hooves, tail, trees, clouds, stretching, reaching, towering, swishing.
House, Island

What is hard to gather from the picture is that the letters, objects, and creatures all have some raised and inset sections that add real dimension to each page. I think each of these books could be a welcome addition in a kindergarten or primary class. The word clusters have plenty of challenging vocabulary to get the creative juices flowing for stories and discussion and the alphabet book combines visual and tactile elements to aid recognition.

The last two books are “100 First” vocabulary builders from DK. The strength of these books is in the organization. It sorts words by type, gathering objects or animals that have something in common.

Toys and Colors
Big Beasts and Small and Tiny

The vocab words correspond directly with the picture which will allow those early readers to have success with reading, even if they are simply naming the picture. It is important to have a selection of these ‘low risk’ books in your class library so that those that struggle don’t feel adrift during reading time.

An added benefit of all these books is that they are thick and rugged and won’t go to pieces as quickly as some of the more delicate readers aimed at early grades.

There are so many great ‘books for babies’ out there but many of them have a place in our classrooms. I have had to temper my inner bibliophile and save some purchases for when my little girl gets a bit bigger but I have had my eye out. Here is a short list:

Search and Find Alphabet by AJ Wood

Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (also Blue)

The Journey Trilogy by Aaron Becker

Llamaphones by Janik Coat (also Hippopposites and Rhymoceros)

Du iz Tak by Carson Ellis

If you have any experience with these or any other books you think are related, please let me know in the comments.

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