Way of the Master

It is with great pleasure that I share this site with you; Way of the Master. It is the final project that I completed for my Master of Education Technology from the University of British Columbia. The progress through the program is documented in this site which constitutes an ePortfolio of my learning and philosophy.

The question now is, where do I go from here? I have a number of plans that I hope can help to continue my growth as a teacher. Some involve expanding on the knowledge and skills obtained in the Masters program, others involve augmenting that base with other competencies that will hopefully complement each other. For example, I am working through some coding courses through Stack Skills. It is too early to tell yet, but I will report on the quality of the content as I work my way through. It is my foray into MOOCs (although there is a nominal fee, so is it still a MOOC?).

Finishing my Master is a personal accomplishment that I am proud of but am now left with that empty space that comes from having finished something that formally took up so much of my time. Does anyone have any experiences like this to share, or perhaps some wisdom to impart?

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