‘elllo There!

I have taught English in South Korea for over five years and I have helped various people with their English skills since then. Learning a language is tough, though it has its benefits as well. I have tried, with varying success to learn Korean and French. I know how hard it can be to study. Each medium has its pros and cons. Books are well organised resources that take you step by step but can be a little dry at times. Apps are convenient and can be a lot of fun, though, it can be hard to find an effective one with the range of choice that is out there. Tapes (do they make tapes anymore?) and MP3s are useful but lack the interaction necessary to consolidate the language. Perhaps an ideal medium would be mixture of these things.

Luckily Todd Beuckins, an English teacher based in Japan, has compiled a wonderful resource at elllo.org.  Yes, that is three ‘l’s. It stands for English Listening Lesson Library Online and it is a treasure trove of material for students and teachers alike.


There are hundreds of videos and audio dialogues, complete with written transcripts, vocabulary lists, and short, fill-in-the-blank quizzes. There are even downloadable PDFs that you can give to your students for extra practice.

One very cool aspect of the site is that there are many dialogues with non-native speakers using English. This may seem anti-intuitive at first, but non-native speakers of English may outnumber the natives by as much as 3-1. But, if you are a stickler for native language, you have your range of choices. The site has a section that organizes videos by accent. Want to hear Scottish or South African English? Not a problem. New Zealand? They have you covered.

If you are learning or teaching English, this handy site is an indispensable resource that can be used to supplement any class or practice.

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