Beautiful Data

“There is a lot of information, very little amount of meaning. I see that as an opportunity.” – David McCandless

The Information is Beautiful site is more than just a collection of glorified info-graphics. The site creator, David McCandless, and his team are transparent with their sources and even provide access to the forms from which they create the beautifully rendered charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data.

Many science and math curricula require some graphing or visualization of information but this site’s wide-ranging topics show that interesting data exist in many areas of life. Common Mythconceptions takes on the most widespread mistaken beliefs. Who Old Are You pits your age against various milestones of influential artists and creators. From eminently relevant topics such as the Gender Wage Gap to a distinctly cheeky Taxonomy of London Hipster Coffee-Shop Names,  the visualizations are often interactive, expandable, and searchable by tags and keywords.


Ranging from entertaining to eye-opening, this site provides visual and numerical evidence of  a plethora of relationships that often go unnoticed. A great primer for a unit on graphing, it also serves as a conversation starter for all ages. Check it out.

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