Bedtime Stories

Oh, how I miss a good bedtime story. It is a reason in itself to have kids of your own, or to become a primary teacher. If you are a primary teacher or are a parent, then this site is for you. Tonight’s Bedtime Stories is great for lulling the little ones off to dreamland, but has great utility in the class as well.

The site only features 79 stories, so far, but its strength lies in the variety of formats. You can read directly off the site, print the PDF, download the eBook, and even listen to the Audio Book (although there is only one available, even after registering). Finally, you can search by collection, artist, author, or story title. It even has wallpapers to download!


The benefits of reading aloud to your class have been touted by advocates for years but this site need not be just for whole class reading. Stick an e-reader in the hands of a few students and have them read to a small group, allow individuals to go in the computer when they have finished their work, or simply bookmark it for parents looking for suitable reading material. These classics are sure get the nostalgia flowing.

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