Is Magic More Than A Theory?

I came across a cool visual representation of Bloom’s Taxonomy created by Rex Heer. It is a 3D stair-like structure that really drives home the way in which tasks and cognitive functions relate. I have written about alternative ways to view the ol’ Taxonomy elsewhere, and I still believe in its utility. But I came across something a little more inspirational to take you into your weekend.

Christopher Emdin wants us to teach teachers to inspire. He says that this inspirational magic can be taught. Just look around. Preachers, politicians, rappers, and yes, some teachers have people on the edge of their seats. Watch his short but engaging TED talk and get inspired. Admittedly, Edmin’s background is with an urban school where engagement with math and science is particularly low. His techniques grew out of a necessity to inspire a demographic whose needs are neglected by traditional school structures. His message, however, is for all teachers, regardless of their students. Engaging teaching make the job more enjoyable.

Christopher Emdin TED@NYC Talent Search – October 8, 2013, Joe’s Pub, New York, NY. Photo: Ryan Lash

I have known for a while that teaching contains an element of acting at times. Although we may be moving away from a “Sage on the Stage” model, the teacher is still the main inspiration and driving force in most classes. Emdin believes that the skills that engaging members of our society seem to be born with can be learned. I, for one, look forward to a P.D. day at a Wu-Tang concert. Can I get an Amen?

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