It’s Been a Long Time

Hi Webiverse!

I have looked at posting history and was appalled to find that I haven’t posted in so long. These blogs seem to calcify when left alone, although I still stand by the content that is there. But here we are at the beginning of the school year and a great milestone for beginning again. I want to keep the blog fresh for professional and personal reasons and so I think I need more regular posts.

So, let me first relate a trip I took this summer. I hiked from Cappahayden to Fort Amherst on the East Coast of Newfoundland. It was 215 km of pure bliss. Beyond the exercise, the much needed re-connection with nature, and the profound solitude, I was “offline” for about 10 days. I now see the importance of disconnecting from time to time. I feel so refreshed and my dependence on my devices is now seen in relation to my ability to do without. You don’t have to walk out into the woods to get off your phone, but it is how I would recommend doing it.

I would love to hear your ideas about how to integrate nature into education, either through technology or by unplugging from it.



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