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I am a huge fan of Museums and other species of exhibitionary locations. (Is there a word for the planetarium/science/interactive exhibition/type place that I am talking about?) In St. John’s, my favorite school days are visits to the Fluvarium, Geo Centre, or The Rooms. I count myself lucky to have such institutions available in my town. But a small place like St. John’s is unable to compete with bigger cities when it comes to museums. How lucky are the students of New York and Washington D.C. to be able to go on field trips to the Guggenheim and the Smithsonian? How about students from Taipai or Taichung that get to drop in on the National Palace Museum or the National Museum of Natural Science. But luckily, the internet brings the world to us. I have wrote elsewhere about the amazing virtual tours that can be found in the wonderful world wide web. Today I am sharing the Exploratorium with you. It is located in San Francisco, but their website is useful to teachers anywhere in the world. Their activities page has a ton of great experiments that can be done in the classroom (check out the Penny Battery) and they link to apps, blogs, videos, and websites that can help illuminate the principles even further. The site even touches on professional development strategies and encourages you to get involved in the communities of practice and the collaborations that the institute is part of. It is truly what progressive education can be. Check it out.

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