Writing in Air

When I am searching for topics for this blog, I often come across interesting things in which I can’t find an obvious educational benefit. I bookmark these dubious sites in the hope that I will one day find a use for them. My list of bookmarks has become a desultory list of oddities and eccentricities.  But when I came across this elegant site I was unable to commit it to the uncertain fate of those other wayward links.


The song is called Soy Tu Aire by Virginia Maestro Díaz and is beautiful even to those that don’t understand Spanish. However, it is simply amazing how HerraizSoto&Co., badabing!, and Jossie Malis have created an interactive music video incorporates the movements added by the listener. I was enthralled enough to play it through twice in a row, mouth agape. Perhaps the fidgety student or burned out teacher can find some relaxation in the simple grace of this concept.

Just give it a try and let me know if you find a way to incorporate it into your class.

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