Yoga for Kids

I recently had the pleasure of teaching two days of gym to kindergarten classes. I help out in kindergarten when I have time and I have great respect for kindergarten teachers. There is a lot that happens at once with twenty five five-year-olds. So I was a little nervous to be the one leading the class.

The regular teacher left me with an interesting resource; The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power. This book is wonderfully illustrated and includes a little rhyme for each pose. Now, I am aware that Yoga purists may have a problem with calling the Akarm Dhanurasana a “Telephone” but we had such a good laugh dialling numbers on the soles of our feet and then raising it to our ear to order pizza or call a friend. YogaKids_Pstr060109

The benefits of yoga are well documented. It maintains flexibility, strengthens bodies, increases concentration and imagination, and enhances self-control. These are outcomes of many curricula. And my favourite part is that it can be done at any time, anywhere. The kids aren’t focusing and you need to mix things up? Get them to stand up with their legs apart. They are now volcanoes. Their hands and arms are the magma that erupts from the top and flows to the bottom. Use your imagination. I had them gather their breath when they pulled in their hands at the bottom so they could “explode” when the volcano erupts.

Maybe you are a little nervous getting on the floor with the kids and pretending to be a cow. I understand. Go to Cosmic Kids and let Jamie Amor take your class on a variety of imaginative adventures that are so enthralling they will not even notice that it is good for them.

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