Pristine Sistine


Hey, do you have five minutes to fill before recess? Would your children benefit from a little history and culture? Do you enjoy stunning feats of human achievement? Then this site is for you. The Sistine Chapel draws about five million visitors a year. Instead of flying your class to the Vatican and battling the peak traffic of 20,000 people a day, jump to this elegant virtual tour and admire the art of Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, and Michelangelo from the comfort of home. Entering the site allows you to download and play the Benedictus, a hymn guaranteed to evoke reverence in even the most secular among us. Numerous sources (such as Wikipedia) provide extensive information on the history, architecture, and the various frescos.

Other virtual tours in this vein include Buckingham Palace, , the Hagia Sophia, and the amazing Smithsonian.


  1. […] Natural Science. But luckily, the internet brings the world to us. I have wrote elsewhere about the amazing virtual tours that can be found in the wonderful world wide web. Today I am sharing the Exploratorium with you. […]

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