History Pin

Human history is huge. Only a tiny portion of it has been recorded and only a fraction of that is in photographic form. But photographs allow us to interact with history in a way that the history books just can’t. Historypin takes it one step further. This site brings together a global group of collaborators that contribute to a growing collection of photographic materials, memories, and mysteries.

download (1)
First plane to land in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, 1928.

Tuna caught of Conception Bay, 1961

You can browse the pictures by location, date, or subject. Some users have gathered together photos into collections and tours that tell a story by the connections between each photo. Sift through WWI photos or peruse landmarks around the world. See Queensland by train or join Prince Hirohito on his 1923 Imperial tour of Taiwan.

download (4)
Lakota Indians, 1840.

And if you can’t find what you are looking for, add it yourself! They have numerous resources for schools and communities that wish to add their own stories to the collection. Think about gathering together the resources of a class to make a historic tour of the town in which they live, or document the generation of their grandparents, and then adding it to the growing community that Historypin has brought together.


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