I was telling someone a story the other day of how I was subbing in a school that had a “no smartphones in class policy”. I was trying to round up some cameras for a “photo scavenger hunt” but could only get four or five for my class. The students quickly reminded me that many of them had cameras (in their phones) out in their lockers. Being a sub and afraid to rock the boat, we made due with the few digital cameras that were available.

Then today I came across this concept: Bring Your Own Device. This seems like a clever solution for schools with tight budgets. Many families own a device or two. An iPad, a smartphone, a tablet. I recently upgraded my phone and now I have a iPhone that I have loaded with educational apps that I use just for school. But what apps, you may ask?

Think of all
of all
the possibilities!

This site curated by Chris Beyerle gives a list of some great apps for use in the classroom (and at home).

I have used Poll Everywhere to spice up presentations. Always an engaging activity and so quick. Make up a poll, show the choices to people, and they send their choice via SMS. The results are instantly displayed. It is not an exaggeration to say that the whole process takes less than five minutes. Or let the kids design the polls for different (and hilarious) results.

Check out the site and explore some of the wonderful apps that could help out any modern classroom.

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