Flipped Classroom

When I was researching a link for this week I came across a site called Alchemy Learning that allows you to create “mobile lessons.” I signed up and took the tour and it looks really cool. I can create lessons with content from around the web, link the relevant curriculum outcomes, track student progress, and other tools for delivering content digitally. Then I came across the term “flipped classrooms.” The basic idea is that teachers create lessons that the students take at home and then more class time is used for questions that the students have. This is great for content based subjects or units. Check out this article for a basic introduction to the concept. Or click on the info-graphic below.

Infographic by knewton.com

It is not a revolutionary idea, but it did get me excited. It seems like a great way to make use of the limited time teachers have with students. Also, as far as infrastructure goes, it is very feasible. Internet access for everyone. This piece from PBS describes the success that Clintondale High School had with their flipped classroom experiment. And this playlist on YouTube gives an clearer idea of what flipping a classroom is really like.

I would love some of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences on this idea of instruction.

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